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Lisie Hospital Ernakulam

Lisie Hospital, Ernakulam

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Brief about Lisie Hospital, Ernakulam

Brief About Lisie Hospital Ernakulam

Lisie Hospital, established in 1956 as a charitable organization, embodies the apostolic concern and social responsibility. It is a non-profit Catholic hospital that upholds the value of human dignity and is supported by a dedicated staff and advanced technology.

Lisie Hospital is recognized as a Mother and Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (MBFHI) and holds accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) for its commitment to high-quality care and patient safety. Located in Kaloor, Lisie Hospital is one of India’s leading comprehensive cardiovascular healthcare facilities, specializing in cardiology, cardiac surgery, pulmonology, urology, nephrology, neurosciences, orthopaedics, digestive, emergency, and critical care. The range of services provided by Lisie Hospital in Ernakulam covers the entire spectrum of cardiology, from preventive measures to cutting-edge treatments for patients of all ages, including pediatrics and adults.

The hospital takes pride in its team of dedicated cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, and vascular specialists who collaborate to provide multidisciplinary care to patients with various heart conditions. Lisie Hospital is widely recognized as a top healthcare provider, equipped with advanced medical equipment and technologies. It continues to achieve significant milestones in the field of medicine, with the ultimate goal of delivering superior patient care. Regardless of caste, color, creed, or religion, Lisie Hospital in Ernakulam, Kerala offers comprehensive treatment packages. For priority appointments and a seamless experience, connect with the top doctors at Lisie Hospital through the medical experts at BMT Clinic.

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