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UDAI OMNI Hospital Chapel Hyderabad

UDAI OMNI Hospital, Chapel, Hyderabad

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Established in 1975

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Brief about UDAI OMNI Hospital, Chapel, Hyderabad

UDAI OMNI Hospital, previously known as Udai Clinic Orthopaedic Centre, is a specialized orthopaedic hospital located in Hyderabad, India. Originally a proprietorship-limited Indian business, Udai Clinic Orthopaedic Center joined forces with Incor’s Omni Hospitals to form Udai Omni Hospital.

The hospital is staffed by a team of dedicated orthopaedic specialists who are committed to enhancing the quality of patient care. Their primary goal is to deliver exceptional orthopaedic services while upholding the highest professional and ethical standards.

UDAI OMNI is equipped with a comprehensive diagnostics lab that can perform a variety of orthopaedic tests, pre-surgical assessments, and health check packages. To schedule priority appointments and enjoy a seamless experience, patients can consult with the top doctors at this hospital through the medical professionals at BMT Clinic.

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