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Ujala Hospital Unit 2 Ramnagar Road Kashipur

Ujala Hospital Unit 2, Ramnagar Road, Kashipur

8 Beds

Multi Specialty


Established in 2020

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Brief about Ujala Hospital Unit 2, Ramnagar Road, Kashipur

Ujala Hospital Unit 2, Ramnagar Road is a cutting-edge specialty hospital located in Kashipur. This modern facility offers a wide range of services in General medicine, General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and more. Established in 2020, this 70-bed multi-specialty hospital is dedicated to providing top-quality medical care at an affordable cost. With a team of over 80 doctors and medical professionals, Ujala Cygnus Hospital Kashipur is committed to delivering comprehensive medical services to patients.

The hospital is equipped with a critical care unit, advanced technology, and over 300 nursing and medical staff. It is the only hospital in Kashipur that offers specialized wards for COVID-19 patients. Ujala Hospital also provides state-of-the-art surgical services through its emergency unit, ICU wards, OPD, daycare, operation theatre, and laboratories. The hospital is equipped with modern equipment such as CT scans, USG, Echo, Mammography, Bone Density Scan (DEXA), Orthopantomogram (OPG), and Digital X-ray, as well as a variety of pathology services. Ujala Cygnus Hospital in Kashipur is known for its integrated medical care in a multi-disciplinary environment. The hospital accepts various insurance schemes, making it convenient for patients to access a wide range of healthcare services. For priority appointments and a seamless experience, patients can connect with the top doctors at Ujala Hospital Unit 2, Ramnagar Road through the medical experts at BMT Clinic.

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