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Vijay Marie Hospital, Hyderabad

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Established in 1948

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Brief about Vijay Marie Hospital, Hyderabad

Vijay Marie Hospital, situated in the heart of Hyderabad metropolitan city, is a renowned institution managed by the Congregation of Sisters of Charity. With a rich history spanning over 6 ½ decades, it has established itself as one of the oldest hospitals in the city.

The hospital’s commitment to providing exceptional Obstetric Care has earned it a stellar reputation. Regardless of caste, creed, or religion, Vijay Marie Hospital serves all individuals with utmost care and dedication.

Their unwavering focus on delivering the best experience to their customers has garnered them a loyal customer base. In addition to their regular services, the hospital also organizes free health camps and activities through the student nurses association. For priority appointments and a hassle-free experience, patients can easily connect with the top doctors at Vijay Marie Hospital through the medical experts at BMT Clinic.

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